Saturday, July 21, 2007

Our garden - early July

So here we have the overview of our little garden patch.

You can see we have corn... and up the front and to your left are a few strawberries.

and we have some sugar snap peas

this is our 1st pumpkin (we have 3 now)

Here are some tomatoes. Still not red - can that be normal?

This is cantaloupe on the left and cukes on the right. (Way at the top middle of the picture are a few leaves of basil).

Next we have some carrots.

This is zucchini (we've eaten 3 so far) on the left and watermelon on the right.

We missed the cauliflower and broccoli cuz we don't read directions/don't know what we're doing so they went to seed. :( But they used to be in the bare patch.

1 comment:

kisjohnson said...

Well I am jealous of your sugar snap peas, if we try to grow them they are salty, the peas taste salty right from the plant, guess we could pantent them.

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