Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ok, here's a hint

He's saying...
"Sunshine is my destroyer!" Except he's got an accent and it's "destroyah". :) And his hands are on his head as part of the character. Does that help?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Opportunity to earn bonus points!

I know it's sideways, but I have no clue how to edit that.
Sorry guys!

So here's how to earn some cool points...

First off - can you even tell what he's saying?
Secondly - what movie is he quoting? (It's their current fave!)

I have to say, without predjudice, that I think this one's going to the Cravens. But I suppose a Bair might surprise me with the variety of movies they've seen!

It's so cute - the kids pretty have the whole thing memorized and will go around acting it out and quoting from it all day.

Along the same lines - lately they've been playing "Evil Master". Eh??? Apparently that's from Terabithia (sp?). Looks like I need to watch what Rick is showing the kiddos!

Ok, so that didn't work...

I posted them in reverse order and blogger laughed and posted 'em in the opposite order. Oh well! You'll figure it out!

Lookie what I made!

A bundle of burp rags! :) Cool eh?

The cowboy one is actually how they're supposed to look. This was my first batch, and I had to work out a few kinks in my methodology. But they are so adorable! Go ahead and have a baby so I can make you some too! I just finished off another set for a little girl coming next Saturday in pink/teal/brown colors that was so cute!

Number 2!

Yup! When he feels the need he will now "go poop on the pot". If only that was a regular thing!

Dad's trip

Dad came up on the 4th and we did some fireworks, went to Colorado Springs (known around here as "the Springs") and had some great times!
First things first though... This is the picture my dad chose to copy and print. Let's take a vote... Eyes closed or open? I'll let YOU decide!

And on to less important things... the pictures to document our time together!
The kiddos loving each other! (As they like to put it!)
Dad didn't like this picture - tell him he's crazy! It's ADORABLE!!!

And here's a piece I like to call "How to Get Free Fireworks"

Nice huh? Ashlyn fell (I think over Dad's feet? Or that's what I'm told) and scraped herself up in the fireworks tent. She is nothing if not dramatic and I'm told she was really howling! (There was a little blood). The gal behind the counter felt so bad that she gave Ashlyn $20 worth of fireworks! (Note to self: Next year trip all of my kids, preferably to the point of visible injury. Bring neighborhood children if desired!)
And since so many of you are so far away... Were you wondering what it would be like to spend time with us on Indepence Day? Well here's your answer.

It would look pretty much like that. They kept their hands on their ears as much as humanly possible. This led to some dicey moments when it was time for the sparklers.

Garden of the Gods

And to finish off, here is Pike's Peak with the Garden of the Gods park in the foreground.

I was astounded to find that I was the only one in our little group that knew that it was the view from Pike's Peak that inspired "America the Beautiful". Tell me you knew that, right?

Why we're 10 degrees cooler now

Feast your eyes on these beauties!

These were the cooler pads that were so choked with debris so as to not be cool!

Now we have new pads and the difference is tremendous!

Everyone who's grateful that my husband isn't scared out of his shorts (unlike his better half) to climb on the roof - raise your hands!!!

Our garden - early July

So here we have the overview of our little garden patch.

You can see we have corn... and up the front and to your left are a few strawberries.

and we have some sugar snap peas

this is our 1st pumpkin (we have 3 now)

Here are some tomatoes. Still not red - can that be normal?

This is cantaloupe on the left and cukes on the right. (Way at the top middle of the picture are a few leaves of basil).

Next we have some carrots.

This is zucchini (we've eaten 3 so far) on the left and watermelon on the right.

We missed the cauliflower and broccoli cuz we don't read directions/don't know what we're doing so they went to seed. :( But they used to be in the bare patch.

July 3

Cuz I'm the coolest mom!

Here comes July!

I have a lot to catch you up on! (yeah, yeah, - I know - "a lot upon which to catch you" or something)

I've uploaded pics from the camera... So here goes another posting marathon!

I'm going to try and do them in backwards order so you don't have to scroll down.
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