Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Week

This week we're doing mini FHE's each night. We started on Palm Sunday and will go through Easter. It has been so nice! We are using a different Gospel Art Kit picture each night to discuss and then we tape them up over the fireplace in order so we can see the progression throughout the week. We are basing what we did on Melanie's ideas at Go theck them out - she is terrific and her page is a great resource!

So far we've done...
Sunday - The triumphal entry (with discussion on Hosanna and palm leaves and why they were said) including a lovely dramatization by the our family! :) Nathan was Jesus, Ashlyn was a disciple in search of a donkey, Mom was narrator and Dad was owner of said donkey. (Is it OK that I never read a** when it's in the scriptures??)

Monday - Cleansing of the Temple and how our bodies and homes can be a temple. How we cleanse them to recieve blessings? (Read the scriptures in the New Testament to see the parallel there).

Tuesday - I had a Passover feast with the Young Women for our activity night (it's called Mutual). Rick and the kiddos did the same here. Grape juice, unleavened bread, olives, raisins, lamb (a.k.a. "we're too cheap to spring for lamb, this is really beef, shhh, don't tell" steak), honey, etc. Discussed the washing of the apostles feet too.

And more to come!

We've decided to do the whole bunny/egg thing at another time entirely but call it a Spring Egg hunt, Spring baskets, etc. Cuz let's face it - that has nothing to do with Jesus unless you're going to wax symbolic. But this time of year is my favorite and a great time to celebrate!
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