Thursday, March 08, 2007

Nathan update! (and the saga of the HRM continues)

Well, we had our 2nd and hopefully last appt. with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon today. All is well! There is a ton of new bone growth on the break and because it was a distal fracture they are not at all concerned about any future impediments to growth or bone formation. :) We're all clear!

That is going to be so nice! I haven't been able to touch it to replace the dressing/tape for fear of hurting my little baby! Rick is used to a boy's little accidents and the aftermath so he has been wonderful to take over that little task for me. I love him!

The funny thing is that I would really expect that Nathan would be in heaven to have his splint off. Wouldn't you think so? But no, he is scared to have it mobile after all this time! He asked me to hold (support) his hand and finger when he was sitting in the chair after they'd taken his splint off and he kept telling me to put the tape back on! He had some yucky red nasty tape sores on his hand too so I am indeed grateful that those can start to heal now. Funny huh?

The surgeon said that the skin should be looking 100% better by Monday and that there's no need for any further follow-ups as everthing looks just peachy.

This week the weather has been so beautiful - it's the perfect time for Nater to be up and about again. Not that he wasn't before, but I wouldn't let him get down and dirty before I got that sticky tape off of his hand (what a messy delicate cleaning that would be!) and before I knew for sure that his finger was up for some abuse.

Speaking of weather - I just saw the extended forecast this morning and there was not a snowflake to be seen! Woo-hoo! We are even expected to be in the 70s later next week! Can you imagine? It will be lovely!

Nathan had his first trip around the cul-de-sac on his trike yesterday. It was a kind of consolation prize for not getting to go down to the playground while Ashlyn was at preschool. Having the snow covering all the play equipment has made my job of saying "no" to him getting all dirty very easy! Now that we've had a good week of temps in the 50s and 60s there's not much excuse left there. Anyway, back to Nathan...
He did great! He tried to pedal and steer (read Mom has a very sore lower back) and made a ton of loops up and down the cul-de-sac. He thought it was so fun! It's so nice to be back outside again!

Let's see... what else is new? Oh, I made a fun discovery about my heart rate monitor this morning! Most of you know that it was my big Christmas present this year and I have been looking forward to some help losing some of this baby weight (no snickering - I know he's 2! Note to others - do not have a baby just after you turn 30 and expect your body to respond as it did before!). So the monitor I got has a test that will basically tell you your fitness level and adjust the suggested duration/difficulty of the suggested workout program. (It gives you a number corresponding to your VO2 max if you're into fitness and know what that is). You probably also know that it was malfunctioning when I got it and had to wait WEEKS to finally be able to use my present. Well, I did the test, got my # (42 in case you care - that's good) and chose the "Maximize" fitness goal (there were also options to Maintain and Improve). Why not go all the way right? So it comes back with a program of either 4 or 5 sessions a week. I pick 5, thinking that I will be exercising for less duration and that it will be easier. Man, I don't even want to see what the 4-day schedule is!

I have three Normal workouts (50 minutes in suggested heart rate zone), one Short (40 minutes) and one Long (1 hour 25 minutes in zone). Yikes! I burn between 500 and 750 calories a day! I am almost done with week three now. And guess what? I lost a whole pound and that was just today that it happened. :( That's not a big motivator - I have to tell ya. And don't give that "muscle weighs more than fat" junk. This is ridiculous! Man! I told myself that I'd do it for a month though before I totally re-evaluate my plan.

But anyway... I found the manaul for the monitor today and read it during my workout to figure out some of the extra stuff and some things I couldn't understand. Well, I read that the maximize option that I chose is for crazy die-hards who exercise hard and have done so for at least 10 to 12 weeks. :) That would be the opposite of Erika. :) Oh well. At least I can do it! And why not burn more calories?

Other big news - (not really) Today I painted my toes for the first time this year! Break out the sandals - I love the sun! Ashlyn of course asked me to do her fingernails too. They are "rainbow" fingers, which means that she chose a different color for every finger. Nathan was set on getting his done too and told him we'd do it after the doctor took off his splint. :) Won't Rick be proud! Oh well, I think every little bro of a big sis has done and actually wanted it done!

Hope you're all enjoying your day!

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