Monday, March 19, 2007

Matt and Amanda have a blog!

Cool! I check every once in a while to see where the people who visit my blog are coming from and was surprised to see that we have folks coming over from

Eh? I didn't even know they had a blog, much less that they had linked to ours! Too cool! So go over and check them out!

Rick also told me today that they're preggo! (If I had known about the blog I guess I would have known that sooner! :) ) So cool!

Wishful thinking - I was checking out the IRS withholding calculator today and I found that if we have baby #3 this year (not pregnant - I'm sure I'm the only one though!) that we would owe NO INCOME TAX!!! Isn't that crazy? That's the nice thing about making less than most other families of four in the USA I guess - they don't expect much from you!

Good Night!

1 comment:

the donovan family said...

i'm not sure why you were so surprised :) you sent us the web address on your "christmas" card!

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