Monday, February 12, 2007

Remodel - sorry it's been so long!

Hey everyone!

I just hooked up the camera and downloaded 131 pics - so if you're ready for another marathon of posts to catch up on our life, I'm ready to deliver!

The first set many of you have heard about - the upstairs bathroom. I was hoping to keep the upstairs "nice" while we tore apart the downstairs, but apparently we have to demolish the upstairs bathroom before we can continue downstairs. :) I think that it's Rick's private little experiment to see how much dirt and drywall dust I can take before I go crazy. Or maybe he's trying something new this time with holes in the floor since I withstood the holes in the ceiling. :)

So here is what you're seeing - this is the upstairs bath (as I'm sure you guessed). Rick moved the toilet over to the left and took out the soffit that used to be to the left of the sink. This used to be the vertical vent for the old furnace. Since Rick and the lovely and talented Mike Diehl installed and vented the new furnace horizontally we can now reclaim this space for our bathroom. Now you'll have to go to Rick for the final plan, but my understanding is that we are replacing the vanity with a smaller one, thereby making room for the toilet which was moved to make room for the jetted Jacuzzi tub.

End result: two holes in my bathroom floor that look down to the basement and lots of sawdust. But most importantly I'm one step closer to being able to have a good long bath! That will be LOVELY!

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