Friday, February 16, 2007

The finger

So you have all most likely heard about "the finger". Nathan's that is. So here is a picture of the injury - thanks for all your concern!

Here's the latest: It is indeed a "spiral" fracture - caused, as the name suggests, but a tortion injury. The surgeon we visited on Wednesday said that had he been the one to see Nathan on Saturday that he would have casted the arm but if Nathan seemed to be doing ok that it was up to us if we wanted a cast or splint. We chose to leave it in a splint so he could play more easily and bathe. :) That was a biggie! It is still swollen, but he plays well with it until it gets bonked. Poor little guy! Today he fell and bent the splint making me have second thoughts about the cast! But Rick's blessings have been so reassuring and I know that we have been guided to make the right choice and that he will heal up perfectly. I'm just excited for this to be a distant memory!

We are going back for an x-ray the day after Mom and Jami's birthday (that's to test all of you - do you remember?) to see how it's healed. It takes about four weeks so we should know how it's all going by then.

We will also follow up in 6 months and then we should be good!

Alas, he is a little young to be a casualty of church ball don't you think? Hopefully it's uphill from here!

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