Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ludicrous speed

Remember that line from spaceballs? That's what I felt like while shoveling this. We haven't had "a lot" of snow, not "tons" of snow, we've had a ridiculously ludicrous amount of snow!

First 27", then some melted and I could see the swings on our swingset again, then another 16"! Why? It's just crazy. Most of you haven't had to deal with this, but do you know what the worst part is? There is NOWHERE to put it!!! You try and shovel it, but your existing snowbank is so tall everything just rolls right back down on the pavement you just shoveled.

You can't even play in it! My kids would get lost in the front yard! And it's too cold anyway. You'd freeze. After shoveling it my core was warm but the exposed skin on my face hurt, and because I had just jeans on it was hours before my lower parts weren't chilled through.

I have never before pondered spending $600 so easily (think gas-powered 2-stage snow thrower). BTW - I had no idea that they were snow throwers. I always thought they were snow blowers. I now have my eye on a $263 Toro 1800. You have no idea how tempted I am.

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