Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nathan's first big snow!

Obviously this was not today - as we just had a record temp of 80 - this was in October. But because of the picture problems I didn't post. So anyway... Nathan

loved the snow. He kept looking for a snowman out the window - like he thought they just came when snow came. :) So of course I had to make one for him. Please note that there was not a ton of snow, and this was the powder that is dry - not condusive to molding a ball. So no judgements on my snowman!

I took him out for a little while to play and he loved it. He didn't want to keep his gloves on however, so I gave up on that. He would take them off, then play in the snow, then scream because it made his hands cold. Then I would warm them in my hands, put them into his pockets, and then he would go play in the big white temptation, starting the cycle all over again!

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