Saturday, September 16, 2006


Hello all! Well, today was the big party! And it all went very well, I'm happy to say. :~) (I learned that from Lori - looks much nicer on the typed page don't-cha think?) I'll put pics up later, as soon as I get them. A friend of ours saved my bacon today by helping me out with my first "drop of your rascals and leave me to fend for myself" party - part of her service was taking pictures for me on her WAAAYYY better-than-mine camera. Mine's fine for Ebay stuff but for family pictures we really need something better! (So if your rich great uncle dies and you have no use for the cash yourself - we'd love a camera for Christmas!) So anyway... the pictures will be coming! If you're good I'll even get some developed and send you some! :~) Ashlyn literally spent every possible moment playing with her new gifts. Her friends were so generous! She got a My Little Pony unicorn w/DVD; a 12 Dancing Princess doll (Her name is Jasmine - not the Aladdin one. And by the way, it literally took an engineer to figure this one out - I suppose I shouldn't have been so quick to throw away the package.); Dora, Tico, and Boots figures with accessories; a backpack that looks like a jean jacket (with flashy pink jeweled accents) completely filled with lip gloss, makeup, and other assorted girly things; and 3 dress up skirts - handmade by the mommy! A sheer ribbon skirt with attached shiny stars, an apron with individual pocket all around the hem to hold crayons, and a pink Barbie one. Now my girl has dress up clothes! I've been thinking about trying to sew her some skirts but I've never gotten farther than the thinking part. What a fun day! We then went to a ward activity and had dinner, now we're doing the bedtime routine and off to bed!

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