Saturday, September 16, 2006

OK, here's something to whet the appetite...

Here are the pics from my camera...

This is one of the crafts we made - the leis with paper flowers and straws. The kiddos got REAL bored with this one. They had to string 24 straws and 25 flowers and it was tough to get the string through the flowers so we had to finish a few of them for the girls and send them outside to play before there was a mutiny!

This is us in front of one of the tiki torches we had outside lining the driveway and the front walk. You can see Ashlyn wearing the ribbon skirt that Aimee gave her for her birthday. Man she is in LOVE with it!

This is the "altered composition notebook" that we made. The flowers rectangle and the little red rectangle down the bottom were glued on before they arrived and they picked where to glue on the rectangles with their name on it and also where to glue the flowers. That way they did enough that they felt like they "made" it, but with very little mess or trouble for me! On the left are the "thank you" cards I made with the left over paper scraps I had from the notebooks. Notice the one in the middle - touching the left of the book. I used my last of the flower print to make it and I didn't have enough red paper left over to decorate the card with any more flowers, so I took the corners and edges of the scraps I had already used and cut out pieces of flowers and tried to make it look good. Similar story with the stripe of red on the bottom left card - I didn't want to cut up an extra piece of paper! :~) I know, it's all of .25, but that's me!

And here we have a quick pic of Nathan wearing his lei! These were cheapo ones from the dollar store that I bought for Ashlyn to give to her guests as they arrived. She put them around their necks and said "Aloha!" For the first few she tried giving them a kiss on each cheek - or at least those were her instructions. Basically she just made 2 kissing noises in their direction. And for her first guest she actually just ran out and said "Here, this is yours."

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Anonymous said...

I have the most ADORABLE grandchildren in the WORLD, PLANET, UNIVERSE, and no I am not biased :-)

Oma :-)

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