Thursday, September 07, 2006

More presents!

Ok, Blogger doesn't like me posting so many pics so here we go...

1. Grandpa's card (college $ included!) had lots of sparkles - yay!

2. Aunt Holly's addition to our Little People collection "oooo, a castle"

And Nathan has been trying to steal this "wagon" AAAAAAALL day. We've had kickings and fightings galore - I'm gonna get you Aunt Holly!

3. And from Grandma - the softest horse ever and a B of M cassette tape (little kids' stories and songs)
4. And from Oma, lots and lots of school workbooks - practice with letters, numbers, shapes colors and much more! She's in love with them (and again Nathan too - we already have some nicely graffitied pages after Nathan took his hand to them).

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