Thursday, September 07, 2006

Birthday cont.

Ok, here is the last post - scoot down to the first post about her birthday to get the story in order!

Here is a cutie patootie one of Ashlyn - she loves stuffed animals!

And here we have Nathan modeling Ashlyn's bike after we tricked it out.

A close up of the license plate and the little balls that slide around on her spokes.

And now for the rest of our story. I'll keep this short cuz my hands are tired of typing and fighting with Blogger. We went to the park to try out her bike. It was terrible she cried and screamed about being too scared nearly the whole time. People were staring and either giving us commisserating looks or "you're a bad parent" looks all the way around the lake trail. Here is a picture of Ashlyn as we neared the end. It was dark and the lighting isn't that great, but oh well. I'm not sure why she is smiling - I swear to you she was screaming both before and after we took the picture. I know I keep telling you my kids love to cry (like Nathan's photo shoot) but the pictures don't seem to back up my story. I just delete all the yucky ones. I'll have to take a picture of a good tantrum so you all will believe me!

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