Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Things I've discovered

1. Ashlyn gets freckles in the sun! (Way cute ones!)
2. 68 degree cloudy days can still give a PAINFUL sunburn.
3. Take your kids swimming often or they become scaredy cats - no matter how fearless they were as babies.

Other updates -
  • I've officially decided that Nathan is a 6 up top and a 4 down the bottom (we're talking haircuts here).
  • Mommy and Ashlyn had a date to get their hair done together. We both look fabulous!
  • And last, but not least, church callings keep you BUSY! No news there I know, but we've hardly had a night to ourselves. At least we're busy with stuff that leaves you feeling good when you're done!
  • Rick and I are getting PDAs this week (as in Palm Pilots - electonic organizers so maybe we won't keep forgetting stuff. Cross your fingers we can figure them out!)


Kathy Murphy said...

Erika, I can't tell how much I enjoy your blogs. Rick's a proud husband an papa and always reminds me when new things come up.

As for the preschool... It's worth it! It's a proven fact that kids who have been involved with a preschool do much better when they start kindergarten and primary grades.

Now, about the phone, I have a service I recommend. Especially for young mothers. It's from Virgin Mobile. Service is only in larger areas (Denver Metro, Chicago, etc.) and along major highways but it only costs $20 every three months and that carries over if you don't use it. If you need more minutes, you just "opt up" and pay for the additional minutes. For moms who travel with their little ones, it's the way to go. My daughter got mine for me and it works out perfectly. I never go over the $20 every three months because I only use it for a minute or two at a time or when there's an emergency. Just a suggestion.

Again, you blog is super.

k said...

Tell Ashlyn not to get sick eating all those "eye balls." :o)

Anonymous said...

Rick, Erika & kids - CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition. She's absolutely beautiful!

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