Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I love Hobby Lobby!

Ok, after my last post about being poor I realize this sits in stark contrast - but keep in mind a Bargain Diva knows not when nor where the deal will strike and must at all times be prepared to take advantage of an opportunity! Ok, so we'll be eating out of our food storage for a few weeks - but check this out!

Hobby Lobby had most of their furniture 80% off this week. So thanks to a great friend who let me know about it, when we have a downstairs living room - it will be mostly furnished! Yay!

The top left picture is of an end table and a DVD/CD cabinet. The one on the right is the matching end table. Everything I got was in that black finish with scuffed edges that seems to be so popular now. I can't tell you how excited I am to have something to put our movies in - hooray!

Now here is the bench/really low coffee table. There are a few things that need to be explained here...

  1. Ashlyn is in the picture because it was killing the little ham in her to have me taking pictures of inanimate objects and not of her.
  2. The drawers are all false fronts - it's just one big storage chest.
  3. It is upside down. Because (and I think that this is why it was still there) the top is warped. I was kind of hoping it would help to have the weight of the piece pushing down on that gimpy corner. You can see that the corner of the lid by the pricetag is an inch+ off the ground compared to the corner by Ashlyn's feet. Rick tells me at worst we will make a new top. I'm wondering if maybe we can screw in a board under the lid that might act as a brace and straighten things up? I don't know. But it has potential, so we'll work with it!

And last, but not least, we bought a fireplace sceen! It's not for downstairs, but as soon as downstairs is ready for the TV then upstairs will be back to being a fireplace! And then it will be nice to have a screen for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

So.... you like? And because you're thinking I'm cuckoo for whining about $$$ and then buying this - all of it including tax costs less than a month of preschool. So there! :) [Just Kidding!] And for those of you straining to see the pricetags - that's not how much I paid. I have to say that this was a nice big bright spot in my day. Funny how shopping will do that for you! Combine it with a bargain and it's even better!

And even better - Ashlyn has had no timeouts! Woo-hoo! Her reward chart is looking pretty sparse - only one flower in two weeks! I hope she gets another today!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I think you are a great bargain hunter, and I want to know where I can find this Hobby thingy, I know get on line etc etc :-) Cell phones, lived without them, still am :-) Onesuite is great! I still only spend $20 a year for l.d. calls.

love, and keep up doing what you are doing, 'cause it seems to be working for you, love

la mama

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