Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I thought this would be a good place to put this link, , so that everyone who visits will have a chance to see this information about Inflamatory Breast Cancer. It was completely foreign term to me and education is key in its detection. You won't find any lumps if you have it and a mammogram can't detect it. It's very aggressive and most people only find they have it when their cancer's in Stage 4 - and if you're not familiar with them, there is no Stage 5. It's scary, but early detection is key. There was a girl who was only 16 who died from it b/c she was too embarassed to tell her mom her breast looked weird. That part of the story scared me most of all, b/c I think if it was me I would be very insistent on getting it taken care of, but a young girl might not. Tell your friends and daughters about this! Get the word out and you just might save a life!

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