Saturday, July 15, 2006

Houston - we have water!

You are taking a gander at our brand new furnace and hot water heater. The furnace currently is not needed (did you see our triple digit high today?) (Could I be any more like Chandler Bing?) and would just blow hot air into the basement since there's no ductwork. But it's in the place that it is going (half in the hall-to-be and half in the pantry-to-be) so it's pretty much in. The hot water heater however is fully functional - but not in it's final position. The studs you see (don't try and look for Rick and Nathan - they're not in the picture) to the right of the heater are the wall to the hot water heater closet. We just need to move a gas line (Rick assures me that this is not a big deal - goin' on faith here) and all is well. They are both super efficiency models since these are the only kind we can vent horizontally (which it turns out only the hot water heater needs to do now since we moved it out of the closet and into the hall to simplify ductwork - oh well, I guess we bought the crazy expensive furnace for nothing). I had better be getting a nice reduction in my utility bills, that's all I have to say. Posted by Picasa

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