Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy Pioneer Day!

We had a fun weekend with Kurt, Jami and boys coming to see us for a quick visit. We met up on Lookout Mountain and had a fun picnic with the stake to celebrate Pioneer Day. I was very grateful to not have to cook dinner for 10 in our hot hot weather (or have to find chairs for everyone - my kitchen is so small)!

Ashlyn and Nathan had SOOOOoooooo much fun with the cousins. I was amazed at how well everyone got along! The boys are so big! We took them to see the dinosaur footprints on the way home and the boys were climbing up on the rocks, pretty high up I might add, and Nathan and Ashlyn (especially her) really wanted to be like the big boys and climb up too. She did try once and fell down, skinning her shin and that was the end of climbing for her. They chased each other around and had such a fun time. The boys were so sweet with her and Nathan! Dylan cooked up a storm as a "swamp monster" in Ashlyn's kitchen and Riley hung out "waiting for Ashlyn" for over an hour the next morning so they could play. It was really a delight to have the family here. Rick was excited to show off his progress on the house and I was thrilled to have some family here! It really is not very fun to be so far away from everyone.

Today was also our family dentist trip. Most notably it was Ashlyn's first time there. She did great - no cavities (just like momma). Of course Daddy had 2 more. I want to know how it's possible. Isn't there a finite surface area upon which to rot out your teeth? It's weird how he just keeps getting cavities. I have to say I would have died if I had had a cavity. Most of you know how upset I was (like in tears) last year when I went in for a checkup and they told me I had a cavity. This is something I have prided myself in - Erika doesn't have cavities. Oh man, I had to struggle to keep my composure when the dentist told me. I knew they would think I was crazy to cry. Pretty much everyone has cavities - no biggie. But it was like I lost part of my identity. Hard to understand - I know. But the weirdest thing was it was under a sealant I received AGES ago in a molar. Since the sealant was intact that means that my previous dentist had sealed it up. I felt cheated - like I'd really been a "cavity-haver" for more than 1/2 of my life and not known it. Anyway, no such drama today. Clean bill of health! But my teeth still ache. I should start flossing or something.

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