Friday, August 14, 2009

Nature's Bounty

I realized that I hadn't posted any pics of our garden veggies so here is what we harvested this afternoon.
Those are our very first cherry tomatoes and they are delicious!

And here we have our "weird, very pale, are they ever gonna get green/orange and turn round?" pumpkins. AKA spaghetti squash (after an internet search to confirm a hunch). Yeah - we have thrown many seed in the garden spot over the year to see if they would sprout. They actually did!


prplfsh said...

Mmm, squash!

Dawn W. said...

Congratulations on your veggies - and your new baby!!! What cute pictures, and fun to catch up in your world. Hope all is going well. :)

Dawn W. said...

Hey, you might be interested in this blog. Here's a link:

Hope all is well!

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