Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Preview

This week brought a great opportunity for me to share a bit of our Spring preschool program when Nathan started telling me about the "big people" song he learned and would like to sing for me.  I shot a quick video on the camera for all of you who don't get to come see the kids perform at their preschool programs (which would be all of you!).  

Isn't he cute?

Monday, March 23, 2009


Time for shots and checkups!  We took Nathan in for his 4 y.o. appt. and Lauren in for her 1 year.
Here's the breakdown:

Lauren (cuz I know you are as anxious to see how she's doing as I was!)
Weight:  19lb 13.2 oz,   25%  Woo-hoo!  Nice comeback from 3%, huh?
Height: 76.5 cm (not sure we're in metric here? ~30in for those stateside),   100%  Ha!  Take that!
Head:  45 cm, 44%
Temp: 98.6F
BMI: 2.38
Pulse: 132
Oxygen: 93
:)  I know you want it all!

Weight:  40lb,   74%
Height: 44.5in,   98%
Blood Pressure:  102/52
Temp: 98.6F
BMI: 14.20, 8%
Pulse: 108
Oxygen: 100
The doctor also mentioned that though Nathan looks slim, not to worry!  His weight is all muscle.  Well, I can't say that I've ever worried about these kids (barring L) being too slim, but it's nice to know he's nice and healthy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And about the recipes...

And about the recipe blog - I'm working on it slowly so be patient with me.  It's a lot to type!  It's not exhaustive, just my absolute favorites.  :)
You can check my Coverwear site to find the new March sale info - Black is on sale for $10!

If you and I are Facebook buddies you already know... but I made a new blog just for me to keep track of my recipes.  You are obviously more than welcome to pop over and take a peek.  Currently it's not a cooking blog with photos and such - just a way for me to categorize and keep track of my favorites!  My dream is to have a laptop in the kitchen and then just open it to the blog, find the recipe I need and not have to find a recipe card, jot anything down or print anything out.  :)  
You should be able to see it in my profile - but it's at

And I'm considering getting into freezer meals.  I was thinking about doing a swap but then again I'm picky so I'm not sure if I shouldn't just go crazy on my own.  We have some nice meat prices this week and I've picked up quite a few books from the library with recipes - we'll see how it goes.  The problems are:
  • many of the recipes are SO bad for you that I'm not sure I would be doing my family a favor by making them
  • my freezer is already full
  • I'm not sure if I can round up enough pans to put these in!  Some just can't be done in a freezer bag.

Anyway - we shall see!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

March 6th - a week or so later!

Today we finally made Lauren her "cake" and opened presents!  
I thought cupcakes would be the way to go with our little gal so we just arranged them into the number "1" and made some mini cupcakes out of the rest of the batter.
The candles spell out "The Big 1"

Yay Lauren - we made it!

March 6th - part 2

For dinner we went to Red Robin and gave Lauren our family's favorite ice cream and balloon bonanza!

Here is Lauren showing off her signing prowess - "More!"

And here is our favorite take-away - Red Robin balloons!  And, yes, it popped that same night!

March 6th Part 1

Since this Friday was Rick's off-Friday we had two appts in the morning, Lauren's 1st birthday dinner and a school event for Ashlyn.  Busy day! 
So for our first update of the day, we have Ashlyn's school art show (sorry - no pics of the dr. appt or my haircut!).  Ashlyn was chosen as one of a dozen or so Art students from her elementary school to participate in a district art fair this year.  The artist appreciation evening started at 5 so we headed over before Lauren's dinner to see Ashlyn's artwork! 
This was Ashlyn's "Forest Drawing".
Yay for our artist!
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