Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Christmas boy!

This year we weren't snowed in (a first!) so I was able to buy supplies for a real cake! After changing his mind (Spiderman, Batman, Sheriff Woody, etc.) many times we broke out the Woman's Weekly birthday cake book and picked....

Christmas FHE at the temple

Each year we go to see the Nativity scene at the temple for a Family Night. We bring the DVD player and watch the Nativity (Luke 2) video muted, and synch it up to Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven" and enjoy the sweet spirit it brings. It's a beautiful song and it matches up to the movie wonderfully - it's uncanny. And check out the frozen temple fountain!

First Vegemite

Also first scrambled eggs - both were a HIT!

Christmas Program

Christmas Party with Santa

Here was our chance to take our pictures with Santa - we missed the memo that dinner was supposed to be Sunday dress. Oops! Ash and Nathan are very contemplative!

El Paso

We went to El Paso to visit Kurt for Thanksgiving. First pic is behind his home on the road to through the Pass. Second pic is driving along the border near downtown El Paso looking at how close Juarez really is.

Ashlyn in November

Just so she gets some facetime this month. : ) Here she is coloring - her fave. And yeah - mommy went crazy and gave her some cute girly hair. I wish mine would be so lovely!

Nathan's a Wampanoag

From his preschool's Feast Day. Nathan brought cookies to share.
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