Monday, November 17, 2008

Blog reader, blog reader, what do you see?

I see the work of Nathan looking at me!

Or you will soon....

I asked Nathan to go to the bathroom and wash up before nap. He was taking a long time and after a while I could hear that he had filled the sink with water and was splashing around. I told him to wash his hands, empty the sink, dry his hands and get into his bed. ... Nothing... A few more minutes went by (I was busy folding laundry and not checking on him).

ME: Nathan, what are you doing?
N: Cleaning up.
ME: What are you cleaning up?
N: Um, squishy stuff.

Oh no, what could "squishy stuff" possibly be!?!

So here's what you see...

two rubber duckies, hair brush, Q-tips, 2 wash cloths and an Aussie Olympic platypus toy in the sink - with water of course.

What you don't see - the rest of the cotton balls from that empty jar and more Q-tips in the sink.

Squishy stuff.

And I should mention that the reason there are cotton balls in the jar is because Nathan was putting them back in - "cleaning up" as it were. Those are soaking wet.


Anonymous said...

Nathan's domestic side, he will make some young lady very happy, a man who can clean up after himself. :-) Love & hugs, Omi.

Anonymous said...

So does this mean you bought a new camera or fixed the old one?


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That is funny! :)

hsjacobus said...

My only question is at what age do they finally grow out of doing stuff like this? It's still cute at Nathan's age.

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