Friday, August 01, 2008

Somebody needs a Hooter Hider

We drove by our usual haunt when we are on the lookout for local wildlife and Ashlyn pointed out this momma and baby. Sorry for the demented momma - there's no fix for "white eye" on Picasa. But that's just a cute lead-in for THIS...

The REAL Hooter Hider! Sorry, no similar picture of me and my little one grabbing a bite. I made this on a Friday using a nifty tutorial online, along with some "burpies" and "bummies" from the same site. I made an extra set of burpies and a bummie for a friend who just had a baby. (5 weeks early poor thing!) Been a while since you had a baby? Confused on the terms? Just for you...
Hooter Hider - nursing cover for the blanket-impaired. It has boning in the top seam so it stays bent outward so you can look at your baby and get them in the right spot to avoid embarrassing hickies. :) Plus it's not so stifling hot and the baby is happy to be able to wave at you while it eats!
Burpies - burp cloths/spit rags Bummies - changing pad
If you're into sewing there is also a super cute tutorial here for burp cloths using prefold diapers. I've made these for gifts and they are adorable!

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