Saturday, August 16, 2008

First Grader!

Here are all the kiddos on the first day of school (for Ashlyn anyway). I can't believe we start so early here! We've already finished up our first week! So far our first year going to school all day has had some interesting moments. I've found myself having some rather adult conversations about friends and choices. She's already had her "all people are nice and are my friends" bubble burst. She's had people who won't let her play Frisbee with them, people who tease and bully the ugly/backwards kids, people who cut in the water fountain line, and it has been so hard for her. She just doesn't understand why people treat others that way. It has just broken her little heart - and as a consequence, mine too. We'll get through it though! I told her one of the keys to being happy is to surround herself with good friends and be true to what she knows to be right. Then she will overcome!
We've also had some fun with lunchtime. If you've had the pleasure of eating with us you know my kids are in the running for Slowest Eaters of All Time. Well, Ashlyn gets 40 minutes for lunch and recess and when everyone is dismissed to play she goes too. And of course she hasn't even come close to finishing her lunch. Day 1's lunch was a half a dozen cherries and Day 2 she managed to eat a handful of blueberries. For the rest of the week we made her promise to eat her sandwich first and THEN move on the "good stuff". And of course, being the true and honest girl who was bothered by the deviant behavior of her peers earlier in the week, she did exactly what we asked without thought of trickery. :) Good girl. And the last 2 days she has eaten her sandwich. So far I don't like school. But I think Ashlyn does!

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