Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's who

Now these aren't my kids so you don't get names, but maybe you'd like to know about Ashlyn's school year and the kids who made it memorable.

Front row:
First on left, green shirt: Girl whose papers we get b/c their names are similar.
Third from left, tan jacket: famous from twin day, often shares a computer to play Freddi Fish with Ashlyn, one of her best friends

Second row:
First on left - the giver of the Valentine's day chocolates, got a little crush on our girlie. Likes to give her pretty rocks and fake flowers.
Last 2 on right - the guys she's considering for a husband. You know the "quiet" ones. The second from the right was her first love and mutually anticipated spouse (also likes to bring her fake flowers from home), the last one was a late-comer - but very promising!

Third row:
Last on right - the boy who's always in the "Thinking Chair" for less than stellar behavior. He's super crushy on all the girls and likes to try and get their attention by poking them and talking during work time and by stabbing pencils in their arms.

Last row:
1st on left: the princess herself
Hot pink, 4th from left: pal from Miss Patti's - went to the races together

And also... that is not her teacher. She left for a wedding that day! That is actually her teacher's aide. At least the substitute teacher isn't in there!

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hsjacobus said...

This was great! Best photo commentary I've heard in forever and she'll love it when she's older too. Instead of some barely memorable people she'll have all these funny memories to go with this picture.

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