Monday, May 19, 2008

More housework

Well, it took a while for our household budget to recover from the bathroom and all of that drywall but we finally have built it back up to the point where we can do some more work.
Rick rented a rotohammer (little jackhammer thing with different bits) to bust up some more walls.

You may recognize this wall - most of you reading have stayed in this room at one point! Here's the hole he made for the water to come through to the outside sprinkler box. The 2nd pic is a close up of the hole since the flash washed it out in the first pic. He drilled it bigger to fit not just the copper pipe but also some electrical wire. Only after he returned the tool did he try and fit them both through the hole and discover it wasn't big enough. Oops! Tony (our independent contractor friend) came to the rescue and let Rick borrow his hammer to finish up the job.

The other item we needed to take care of with the rental was this chunk of concrete next to our steel beam. This is the beam that will need to be reinforced in order for us to take out the lally column (those silly columns in the basement that hold up the house). So we need to make room for our new addition in the concrete.
Here's what Nathan thought of it:
:) Actually he was just trying to avoid the camera. He thought the tools were cool.

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