Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two week check up

Well, all is well with little Lauren. She was up to 7lb 3oz at this visit and if you adjust for her due date (not when she actually came) she is right up there with the rest of the kiddos - 95th height, 50th weight. Of course she's only 15th percentile for weight otherwise - so we're going with the adjusted!
And our beloved pediatrician is leaving us! He's retiring this summer and headed down to Brazil where he and his wife are going to work and provide health care (she's a nurse and they both speak Portuguese - or Brazilian as I was about to write! :) ) We are so bummed - he is a fabulous doctor! He always spends time with me and answers my questions intelligently - never talking down or assuming I won't understand "big" words. Why oh why don't they make OBs like him?
We do wish him well, even though we'll miss him - those Brazilians are in for a treat!

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