Sunday, March 09, 2008

I guess there are awesome people in Colorado too! ;)

Here we have 2 of our saviors this week - Meredith and Shelly! They not only took care of our kids (Nathan remarked upon leaving Meredith's - "I want to go back to her house! I don't want to leave!" with lots of tears) but also took care of us! They scheduled people to pick up Ashlyn from school and take her there each morning (thanks Jessica - Ashlyn was ecstatic and so excited to tell me that she got gum! I would put your pic up here too if I had one!) They rearranged things for me so I didn't need to worry about teaching my sunday classes and even went and brought all the things we had forgotten at home! They brought me beautiful flowers and lovely mommy presents and Meredith even knitted this beautiful hat for the baby! It is so great to have friends! Heather mentioned "trench friends" in her blog - friends who stick by you even in the trenches of life. I am proud and humbled to say I have GREAT ones. Meredith even agreed with me that all the people who are making my baby sit under these terrible bili-lights are yucky poopy heads. That's right! This little one's early arrival really threw us for a loop - we had nothing ready and no plans for this. I literally didn't need to worry for one minute - these girls took care of everything. What more could you ask for?

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hsjacobus said...

This is awesome. I'm so glad you've got the help and support you need. I've looked through at least 4 blogs now though and still don't see a name. Any idea when she can come home and not be under the lights. It must be so hard having to live at the hospital, basically to be there for your baby. It's too bad they don't invent some kind of portable light device so that mothers can go home and be with the rest of their family and their baby can still get what they need.

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