Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Like the change?

So no one has commented about the new background. Did you even notice? Rick didn't like the old Valentine's one because the dots drove him crazy while he was reading the posts. So I redid this one with some digital scrapbooking stuff and Photoshop. I also did a new design for March (it's green) and one for when the new baby comes toward the end of the month. I suppose I shouldn't be telling you that it's all ready to go (just to edit the HTML in blogger when the time comes) so that when you see that not only did I have a baby but I designed a new blog template all in the course of a few days that you'll be more impressed! Oh well. Now you know you have something to look forward to in the coming month!

Oh and my sitemeter is now working! I haven't been able to have hit counts since I changed the template. It's been annoying not being able see who's visited and where they're from.

Oh! And Jamie emailed me that she had found some blogs from families in our old married college ward. So fun to see what people are up to now! The Mowers are in Alaska! And Kim had twins! I also ran into Lanita Bell at Deseret Book last fall - they live in Parker. Such a small world! Jamie linked them on her page so I might do the same. Do you have a blog you'd like me to add?

We really had some great friends in college. I didn't know until I moved into this ward that I had it so good! We had so many friends that we could hang out with - families that loved the Gospel, served without reservation, and had the same values that we do. It's just not quite the same here. I totally feel like the odd one out most of the time. We don't live in a bad ward - that's not what I'm saying. I just miss having a bunch of people in the same boat in life and with the same convictions to hang out with. People who love Settlers of Catan! And love chatting and getting together! People who love church, have burning testimonies and people that you can really grow with and are better for having them in your life. I just felt so much like I belonged and was valued. I have been so lucky in life that way. Ephrata and Kent family wards felt the same for me - even though there weren't a lot of people my age the people there were awesome! You were always uplifted. The Church is definitely true in Washington! :) Maybe people from Washington are just different? I miss the people there. :(

I do need to add that there are awesome people here in Colorado! And if you're reading this you are one of them ('cause I'm pretty sure most of the people I look up to know about the blog). So thanks for making our time in Colorado better!


Dream Big said...

Those college days....oh and those Palouse Medical days!! I just started going back there for my primary doc...funny thing. There was something about that married student ward. It was a lot of fun & challenging for me as I was surrounded by pregnant people while we were struggling to have a baby...but we ended up having "Faith". So funny.

We miss you up here & if you ever have that burning desire to visit the Palouse again, our doors are open!

hsjacobus said...

It is really different to live in a different state and even the church while very much the same is not always as homey. I think it's just our roots calling. I've noticed the background changes, but I'm having a really hard time keeping up with all of life right now, just too much going on. I always like your backgrounds though:)

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