Thursday, December 06, 2007

November 30 - what a crazy day!

I was a crazy woman! I went shopping, made a homemade Chicken Pot Pie with puff pastry crust (no cream of *** soup here, baby! It even had taragon and nutmeg!) in individual ramekins for the kids hoping presentation would sway them to eat well for the sitter (totally worked), sewed Nathan one of his presents, cleaned the house and got ready for Rick's jacket and tie work dinner! (Which was so incredibly lame - $43 plus gas out of my entertainment budget which is already sadly overbudget! How is that since we've been on maybe 4 dates this year? I think for gifts we should just solicit GCs to go out to dinner. Then I've only got to talk myself into the expense of a $25 babysitter instead of the sitter and dinner!) Here are some pics though!

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hsjacobus said...

Hey you guys. The "Munster" family found me on here and I found you through them. I was so excited to hear from them. The only person I've talked to in ages is Jamie. I told Munster it was the best Christmas present I could have gotten finding my long lost friends:) So howdy from Oregon and hope you have a great Christmas!

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