Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

Well, that takes care of August - on to September! To start things off we have Ashlyn's birthday! Her special dinner of choice was Fish Sticks and Macaroni and Cheese (mine of course!). And she got a FunFetti cake with Cherry frosting and lots of red sugar sprinkles. The crown is from her party at school. They didn't let us bring food (nuts - less work for me!) since everyone seems to have allergies to something or other now! But they had some cake for her at school (from her description it's a real but petrified cake upon which they let you blow out a candle). She also received a birthday card and a birthday bag on loan. The bag had inside a book, a puzzle and a matching game. It also included a journal where Ashlyn could draw or write about her fave part of the birthday bag. All the kids add to it as the year progresses.
Then we had our little family party for her the night of her birthday. Rather than post individual pics of her opening all of your gifts (thanks so much - btw) I'll post a pic of the face she made when she opened your present. Seriously - just tilt her head a little one way or the other and insert your gift into her hands and there you have it!
Thanks to all from a very happy girl for helping us make her day incredibly fabulous!

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prplfsh said...

Poo! I couldn't make the pic bigger and put it on my desktop at work! Will you put the link to the full size up pretty please? I think it is my present she's opening. :D

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