Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm the Queen!

Lookie what I made!

This is our thank-you note for Christmas (and Nathan's birthday) presents. Isn't it cool! I thought I was never going to get that RAM chip so I actually made this this afternoon while the kids and daddy were out in the snow. It was soooo slow and I kept worrying that it was going to crash on me at any moment - but it worked!
And right after I finished the chip arrived, so now I am in business! I hope I learn quickly! In case you won't be getting one I wanted to make sure you saw my latest creation.
On the family front - not much to report - Rick and I had a GREAT trip to the temple on Wednesday, we're having Ryan and Amy over tonight for Settlers, we had another 10 inches or so of snow yesterday and still have plenty of snow! We are expecting another snowstorm next weekend. Should I be expecting a visit from Christ soon? With all the earthquakes, flooding and crazy weather you gotta wonder! Other than that - Ashlyn starts preschool next week (though with all the snow and the lack of plowed roads by her school I'm wondering how we're all going to park), Rick's eye is healing well, Nathan is getting cuter every day (and kinda dramatic! am I just in for it with my kiddos?) and the heart rate monitor I got for Christmas sucks. Apparently my resting heart rate is 184 and when I jog it goes to 160. Either way my heart should explode.
Love you all!
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