Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here's the REAL party!

And yes, of course - you're all invited!

The real invitation is on white cardstock, then then a punched out flower is attached with an eyelet. And a strip of the Hawaiian print paper is glued to the side. Forgive all the covered up parts - you can't be too careful! :) You all know the missing pieces anyway!

And boo-hoo the wussy ward canceled the campout due to not yummy weather expected tomorrow. It's camping people! Rain and cold are half the fun! Who hasn't camped with tarps and little rivulets of water running past their noses whilst they sleep and icicles forming on their eyelashes? :) That's OK, Ashlyn and Rick will camp at Olivia's (in the backyard) and still get all the fun of s'mores and campfires and dutch oven cooking. At least that's the plan!
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Anonymous said...

No camping because the weather is not perfect???? what is the world coming too! If you can't wring out your sleeping bag and hang the tent in the garage, you haven't experienced all the "joys" of camping. I am soooooo glad that I didn't raise "wusses" just people who know how to enjoy all aspects of life. Go Girls and boys :-)

la mama

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