Monday, August 21, 2006

My little genius

Lately, Ashlyn and I have been trying to do a bit of preschool each day. We work with some flashcards and workbooks to help her learn her alphabet and work on her writing skills. After we had gone through the alphabet and some numbers I told her we could use some of our special mommy and Ashlyn time to read stories.

While she was picking one out I wrote "book" on her magnadoodle to try and tie in what we had been doing with what we were about to do. (Plus "b" and "d" are tricky for her and I wanted to reinforce the letter.) Anyway.... she got back and while I read a story from her "The Friend" magazine she was doodling "k"s on the screen. Which, by the way, I was exstatic about! She keeps thinking "k"s are "r"s. So I was thinking "great, more practice!". Well, while I was reading she erased my "book" and all her "k"s and started writing her very own "book". Oh my! I was surprised! But she's a smarty pants, so I suppose I really shouldn't have been. I think the fact that there are "o"s in the middle helped a lot! But anyway - you all have witnessed her first written word (not counting Ashlyln). Posted by Picasa

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Lori said...

Way to go, Ashlyn-- VERY impressive!


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