Tuesday, July 25, 2006

From the comments on my favicon...

I commented to Holly's "how did you do that?" question re: the favicon post, but maybe somebody else was interested too, so here it is.

Please note that the blogger freaks if I add code here so I added spaces before and after the <> to appease it. If you use the code, just take out the spaces.

Well, prplfsh, I see you figured it out on your own. :) For others who might be wondering - you can right click on my blog and pick the option "View Source". That will show you the html code that I've used on my page.

At the top there are <> and < /head > tags, with a bunch of stuff between them. That gives instructions as to how I want the page set up.

Look for some html < rel="shortcut icon" href="http://upurs.net/uploads/8b04509722.ico"> < rel="icon" href="http://upurs.net/uploads/8b04509722.ico">If you want to use my favicon then you copy and paste my code. If you want a different picture, then you need to 1. Make one, 2. Find a server to host it if you don't have one, and 3. Replace the http part in my code to the place where your pic is stored.If you want to see prplfsh's favicon then click on the link to my "sista"'s page in the links section of the sidebar.

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El Dad said...

Obviously, I'm from an older generation as I have no earthly idea what you said here, or what you were trying to get across. Computerese and Greek are essentially identical.

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